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Welcome to Longde Info Remote Support / 欢迎使用龙德信息远程连接协助

Remote Assistance Support from Longde Info allows a IT service engineer in another location to view your computer screen and work on your computer over a secure connection.

By using Remote Assistance support from Longde Info, you agree that during this session, the IT service engineer may start the recording function. This will result in your communications being recorded and logged by the Remote Assistance session. You may request that a link to this recording be e-mailed to you after the session.

During this session, the IT service engineer may capture screen shots for quality and/or training purposes. If you do not choose to accept screen shots being captured, please request other qality support options such as phone or chat support. Once you accept screen shots being captured, please close all windows or documents that may contain personal information.
当在远程支持协助会话期间, 支持工程师可能会出于保证质量或者培训的目的来取得您的屏幕截图。 如果您不希望您的屏幕被截图, 请选择其他保证质量的支持选项,比如电话或者聊天支持。一旦您选择屏幕可以被截图,请关闭所有包含您个人信息的窗口或文档。

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